10 Best Pokemon Movies that are Available for the Kids

There are various best pokemon movies available for our kids today. At an early age, children had limited movies to watch as kids. If you are a kid with isolation around you, pokemon movies are your rescue.

Pokemon is so famous that the creators have created other platforms of pokemon for the kids to enjoy. There are not only pokemon movies but also pokemon games as well as TV shows.

For the kids who love the bond between a monster and a man or trainer, the best pokemon movies in this article will help you decide your source of entertainment. There are more than twenty pokemon films,  but this article will list the ten best pokemon movies for you.

Let’s start with the Ten best pokemon movies!

1.     Spell Of The Unown-Best Pokemon Movie Reddit

All pokemon lovers will love this movie as it resonates with all emotional people. The only disadvantage is the way of dealing with grief in this movie is unreal, as not many people can not manage loss that easily in real life.

On Reddit, it is one of the best movies, according to pokemon lovers. It is one of the pokemon movies that have the most compelling plot in the film. In the movie, a girl with the name Molly will want to bring her parents back. It is not the worst pokemon movie.

2.   Detective Pikachu-Best pokemon Movie Poll

According to the best pokemon movie poll, detective Pikachu is on the second number. Detective Pikachu was a blessing for kids in may in the year two thousand nineteen. Detective Pikachu is the best pokemon movie as every kid loves detective movies.

In this movie, Pikachu becomes a detective trying to resolve the disappearance mystery. The critics’ reviews for this movie were warm, as it is an achievement as many of them are usually harsh and critical.

3.   Lucario & The Mystery of Mew-Darkest Pokemon Movie

In the list of pokemon movies, it is the eighth movie. It has to come in the list of best pokemon movies, as it was also a nomination for the award of the best anime movie.

Lucario, as well as the mystery of mew, was a  dark movie but not like other movies. The movie Lucario, as well as the mystery of mew, have heavy themes. This movie will reveal the reasoning why Pokemon’s master abandoned him, as it deals with his past.

4.   Pokemon Heroes

Pokemon heroes will give you a light-hearted start in the movie. As it will continue further, it will grow into a dramatic film. There is an excellent pair of characters in this movie. These areas are below:

  • Pokemon
  • Latios
  • Latias

The relationship they have with Ash is good. The villains of Pokemon Heroes are Anne as well as Oakley. You need to watch the movie to find out more twists as you need the internet to know how to screen record on Mac 2021.

5.    The Rise of Darkrai

This movie is about the three characters traveling together to Alamos Town. They travel to save the town from Dialga as well as Palkia. They will have to protect it from unintended destruction.

The song of the rise of Darkrai is as good as the other Pokemon songs. This Pokemon song is interlinking to the other movies of Pokemon, such as the following:

  • Jewel of Life
  • Rise of the Sky Warrior

It is worth a try watching the Rise of Darkrai.

6.   Arceus And The Jewel of Life-Pokemon Movie With Most Legendaries

It is the Pokemon movie that comes on the number twelve. It is one of the Pokemon movies with the most legendaries, such as Arceus. The year of release of Arceus and the jewel of life is two thousand nine.

Arceus coming to take the jewel of life is the theme of the movie. The person who has the Jewel of Life is Damos and does not want to give it back. With other Pokemons, it attacks Arceus, the legendary Pokemon.

7.    Pokemon The First Movie

Pokemon, the first movie, is the start of the series of Pokemon movies, so how can it not be in the best Pokemon films. It was one of the best kick starts to the pokemon series, as now there are twenty-three of them.

The success was only possible due to the first Pokemon movie. This Pokemon movie is part of the childhood of one generation as many children grow while watching the series.  This movie is about the discovery of Mewtwo, who is the new Pokemon.

8.   The Power Of Us

The power of us is the movie where you will see adventure. The adventure will be the saving of the city. This movie contains many battles which are breathtaking to watch. It is not potentially hazardous to watch it, but it is good. You can also call the power of us one of the best Pokemon movies.

9.   Pokemon Forever

If you have an interest in time travel stories, Pokemon forever is the best Pokemon movie for you. In it, the Pokemon will manage the time travel making it exciting to watch. It has many twists and characters. Some of the characters are as below:

  • Celebi
  • Sam
  • Ash
  • Misty
  • Brock
  • Professor Oak

10. Pokemon 2000-Pokemon Best Movie in Hindi

You can watch Pokemon 2000 as it is a movie in Hindi. As there are many other movies in Hindi, but it is a must to watch. Pokemon 2000 is for all the kids as it is iconic. A storm is a new adventure in this movie which ash, as well as, with the friends start.

Final Words: 10 Best Pokemon Movies-New Pokemon Movie

The above are the ten best Pokemon movies to consider watching in 2021. If you are in lockdown due to Covid-19, the Pokemon series will help you entertainingly pass your free time. The new Pokemon movie to come is Secrets of the Jungle.

Best of luck!

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