5 Differences Between an Opinion Based Essay and Persuasive Essay?

Essay writing is an important academic, as well as career rule. There are many different types of essays. Opinion based, and persuasive essays are one-off those types. An opinion based essay reflects the author’s personal opinion. It might include an emotional response from the reader. A persuasive essay ensures an effort to make everyone agree with your opinion. Persuasive essays are also called argumentive essays. In the first type, you are presenting the idea about an event. In the latter, you are describing the reason for that idea. These two types of essays are somehow similar, and different as well. Some differences between the opinion based, and persuasive essays are as follows;

Purpose Of The Essay

An opinion based essay is being written to provide the author’s point of view. It only reflects how the author thinks of certain events, and processes. The positive, and negative attributes are only based on the author’s personal choice. Those might be correct or incorrect. But the author makes others aware of his opinion.

A persuasive essay is written through efforts of the author to make everyone agree on his opinion. This is related to the author’s idea about an event, topic, or situation. In this essay, an author ensures that his stance is the best. He also highlights why it is the correct stance amongst other views on a topic.


The opinion based essays are more often written in newspapers, and official reports. These include a political essay, or the report of an accidental incident. Whereas persuasive essays are often written by students to the administration. These include the cause of a political, or accidental event.


According to a cheap essay writing service, the structures of these two essays are different. The opinion based essay doesn’t have a specific structure. There are no headings, or subheadings. The information used within it is about the current events. Background, introduction, or thesis statement are not required in this type of an essay either. It only contains the paragraphs on logical underpinnings. Personal opinion of the author is being described in these paragraphs. The main body, and title are the only two components of an opinion based essay.  The main ideas of an opinion based essay are being described in its first line.

The structure of an argumentive, or persuasive essay is different in these aspects. It starts with an introduction. This introduction contains the background, controversial topic, and a thesis statement. These parts of introduction are important within a persuasive essay. The thesis statement provides main idea of the essay. The thesis statement comprises of 2 sentences. It should contain the words ‘must’, and ‘should’. It contains the reasons to support an opinion. A thesis statement can also contain the contrary opinion. It must include words like ‘although’, ‘while’, and ‘however’. These words describe that your opinion is different from the already based evidence.

The body of an essay contains a specific structure. You must mention your argument followed by the supportive argument. It requires one to conduct research on the topic. The researchers who have already done similar work can support the argument. You can also use other associated tools to explain the arguments. The main body of a persuasive essay follows a similar structure. The ending paragraph is that of the conclusion.

Components Of A Persuasive Essay

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Thesis statement
  • Main body, argument, counter-arguments, and evidence
  • Conclusion

Components Of An Opinion Based Essay

  • Title
  • Opinion
  • Main body with a logical flow of information in paragraphs
  • Conclusion paragraph

An opinion-based essay does not need the agreement of a reader. There is only one idea discussed in an opinion based essay. An essay does not need the support of references. The hook statement of an opinion based essay is being written in the start. You should write the important information for an opinion based essay at the start. It will engage the reader for reading further. The author does not have implications to make people agree with his opinion. It provides personal ideas, and approaches towards a topic. It provides the reason, and statements as well. The acts and details related to opinion can also be used in the essay. It gives a strong point to quality of the essay.

A persuasive essay requires the agreement of a reader. It does require the support of references. An idea supported by the researchers has more chance of acceptance among readers. Persuasive writing uses hook statements throughout the essay to engage the readers. The agreement from readers is also an important aspect.

The opinion based essays have following key transitional words;

  • For instance
  • For example
  • Since
  • Because
  • In conclusion
  • Specifically

Persuasive essays have the following key transitional words;

  • Additionally
  • Not only
  • But also
  • Last, first, next

The Type Of Information

The type of information can be informal, and formal in persuasive essays. The opinion based essays have personal opinion where information is limited. Author’s opinion is the main type of information required in an opinion based essay.

Evidence-Based Support

An opinion based essay can have support from survey reports, facts, and literature. A persuasive essay can also have the support of all types of literature. Readers’ engagement is also necessary for both types of essays. There should be no issues of grammar, or vocabulary in the essays. The excessive use of vocabulary, and jargon must be somehow avoided in the essay.


The opinion based, and persuasive essays are different in some aspects. At the same time, they have similar aspects of information. The opinion based essays present an opinion of the author. Whereas persuasive essays describe the reasons to agree with that opinion. The goal of opinion based essay is to provide one aspect of the information. It describes only one opinion with the support of evidence, facts, and figures. The agreement of reader is not necessary either. The reader might develop some emotional attachment to the opinion. A persuasive essay requires the agreement of a reader. The main goal is to get support of the audience. It can also have the support for both evidence, and facts.

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