7 Things You Must Know About Flowers and Their Hidden Meanings

Flowers have a hidden meaning. Each flower and its color symbolize something. In all events and settings, people pick flowers very carefully because they carry a message within them. Whether you use flowers for a birthday or wedding; it is important to know the meaning behind the flower Shop you select.

At times, it could be embarrassing to use the wrong kind of flowers for an event.

In this blog, we have talked about hidden meanings behind flowers. Knowing the hidden meanings will help you plan your gifts, wedding arrangement décor, and expression of feelings.

Is Flower meaning a new concept?

Truth told, it is not a Gen-Z or even millennial concept. People have been using feelings to express their feelings and convey a message for a long time. The old literature has often used flower shop to convey a hidden message. It dates to the sixteenth century and even before that. Toyota Corolla 2021 GLI

Long before Shakespear’s work featured flowers; Greeks, Romans, and Chinese also used them in their sonnets and literature. Old civilizations have also relied upon hidden meanings of flowers to convey a message. So flower meanings have existed for quite some time now.

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The glamorization of Flower Meanings

You don’t need anyone to tell you how romantic flowers look. They just have their impact on us. We see them around us, and we get butterflies for no other reason.

People started using flowers to insinuate an idea when they felt they can’t use words to express their feelings, for any reason. Flowers became the most effective medium to express one’s feelings. Without using so many words, the Victoria era believed in the flower power.

Maybe that is what all artists picked up and started using in their work- to make us part of that very emotion. Various films have relied upon this form of symbolism to impart a specific message. Remember “Age of Innocence”? Didn’t we all know what was going on in May’s mind when she was sitting among white flowers? We knew what Scorseses wanted us to feel about May. With yellow flowers from Newland, we knew what is eating him.

Refinement and evolution of Flower Language

The impact and power of flowers further led to the evolution of protocols and flower language. With a small gesture of flower exchange, people could propose and subtly suggest an idea. Likewise, the response to that message could also conveyed without using so many words. Let’s see some examples.

1.      Protocols and norms

If someone wanted to propose something or propose to someone, he’d extend flowers with his right hand. To decline this proposal the recipient used the left hand for flowers and vice versa. If the answer is ‘yes’, then the right hand is used.

2.      Intensity and nature of emotions

The selection of flowers also means different in different settings. Red roses are an open declaration of love. It is a loud expression of love. Whereas, red tulips impart the same message, but have an inherent confession in them. Red tulips are a symbol of confession of love. Remember these things when you are planning a wedding arrangement décor.

3.      Presentation matters

Next, the presentation of flowers also plays a significant role. For example, if the ribbon is tied on the left of the bouquet, then it is a common understanding that the giver is referring to him/her. Whereas, it is the opposite if the ribbon is on the right. Likewise, to express something opposite to the color or type of flowers, one can present the bouquet upside down. The opposite direction of flowers conveys a message altogether different from the selection of flowers.

4.      Invoking special circumstances clause

Many people, who want to convey a complicated message silently, can also retort to flowers and bouquets. For example, if someone wants to put an end to the romantic side of a relationship while wanting to friends with the partner, they can always take the help of a wilted bouquet. There, you have saved yourself all the drama and emotional meltdown that could have come with ‘talking’.

5.      A hotchpotch of emotions

If you think you cannot define by one word or one adjective, or if you believe you are too big to fit into one box; you can use different flowers to express the blizzard of emotions you are having. You can use different flowers for your wedding arrangement décor and wedding bouquet to show the world what you have in mind while entering this marriage. From Kate Moss to Priyanka Chopra Jonas, from Kate Middleton to Mandy Moore; brides have chosen different colors for their bouquets to express their feelings while entering a marriage.

6.      Make a Statement with Human Traits Flowers

Remember how Blair Waldorf was hell stuck on holding peonies for her marriage with Prince of Monaco. And we clearly remember her edgy equation with the queen. Holding peonies on her big day was Blair’s way of putting her foot down and showing the royal family that she is not to be taken lightly or for granted.

Some flowers are associated with human qualities. For example, bluebells stand for kindness, peonies represent bashfulness, tulips symbolize passion, whereas rosemary is used for remembrance. People use them for wedding arrangement décor to make a statement about themselves.

7.      Call a Rose by its Color Name

So far we know the complex nature of messages flowers can convey. One colored flower of one family can impart a complete message.

Take the family of roses for instance. Valentine was all about red roses because it says I LOVE YOU for crying out loud. And for weddings, many brides choose white roses because they are to embark upon a fresh journey, a new chapter of their lives. It stands for a fresh start, purity, and innocence. A gentle expression of happiness and goodwill is expressed using pink roses. And at funerals, we witness black roses more than any other color because they express mourning.

We have mentioned Newland Archer’s yellow roses which represented jealousy and infidelity. And for covering the red family let’s include orange too, that expresses desire.

Final Word

Flowers are the language for those who don’t want to use so many words. Flowers carry meanings for their family and their color. They can impart a complete message and can also convey a mix of feelings. Emilia Flowers is the Best Flower shop in California. To have the right flowers for the right occasion, get in touch with our floral experts. We also cover events and provide wedding arrangement decor.

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