Emotional Disturbance

Emotional disturbance is common. It’s very natural. Unless it does not prolong for a long time. In which case, it will be quite unnatural, unhealthy and dangerous.

The human brain is a complex creation of nature. Our brain creates a thousand possible solutions to a given problem. A hundred possible ways a conversation could turn into. Possible or impossible, but in our brain, the scenario is always possible.

The brain automatically wires itself on how to react in each scenario. Sometimes, however, there is a missing scenario. And with if with a hint of amazing luck, that scenario does happen, it confuses the brain on how to react. That is what causes an emotional disturbance.

In case the disturbance does occur. The mind wanders and mixes feelings and reactions from each scenario to create a reaction that would fill the unpredicted scene. This sounds astonishing but on a psychological level it does sometimes happen. Because your mind spends hours in generating possible reactions to a predictable situation. When you’re awake, or asleep. Whether you’re riding a bus or using the toilet. The brain is functioning non-stop on generating possible emotions. You might say that why didn’t I feel like thinking about the emotions I would radiate during the scene I stressed over yesterday? Well, because there are hundreds of thoughts traveling through your brain each second. You can only perceive a few of them at a time. In short, most of the time your brain controls you subconsciously.

 Coping with emotional disturbance is easy. Meditation is one of the great ways to do it. Sit in a peaceful place. Preferably a quiet garden, or near a river. Near a waterfall is an amazing choice too. Go and sit there. close your eyes. Take deep breaths. Recall what caused you to be emotionally disturbed. Once you do it. Don’t go over the negative part. The part that made you cry or stressed. Focus on the positive part. The part that revealed true images and intentions. The part that taught you something and made you more experienced.

It’s okay to cry too. Don’t hide your tears or force them to stay inside. For with the flowing tears flows the darkness of the mind and leave space for the light to enter.

After focusing more on the positive portions. Calm your soul. Focus on the flowing water. The blooming flowers. Feel a connection to nature. Focus on the birds soaring above. Know that just like a bird needs an initial retard to develop a momentum that will take it high above the clouds, so do us, humans.

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