How You Make Logos With DesignEvo

This post will share with you how to design a logo online with the best possible quality. You can now design the logo for your YouTube channel or your website and any other business for free without using Photoshop or any other programs. That the tool mentioned is DesignEvo.

What features can you get from this logo maker?

  • Hundreds of fonts of various shapes and icons
  • You can reset the logo background colors if necessary.
  • One million searchable icons can be applied to perfect your logo design.
  • The number of logo designs on the DesignEvo platform is more than 10,000+ logos.

Whatever the idea of ​​designing your logo, you will find tools, templates, and fonts equipped for that. For example, if you want a music logo, it will bring you all the music-related templates once you type the keyword music in its search box. Also, there is no need to search. Health, each section carries a large group of slogans whose ideas are very appropriate for this section.

How to do DesignEvo work for your project?

Register your DesignEvo account

You can access its homepage and then create a new account by clicking on the sign-up. For registration, you can write our email address and a new password. The confirmation email will then be sent, and sometimes you may not receive a code, but rather a message containing a confirmation link, and it is often like this: Thank you for signing up for DesignEvo. To ensure your account security, you can click the button to confirm your account. After the message opens, click on “here” to direct you to a site, and thus you have successfully verified your email address.

Now that you have completed creating an account, you can move on to the critical part, designing a logo using the DesignEvo website.

So, let get practice to check how to design a logo with DesignEvo.

First, access the platform.

Just go to the DesignEvo website and click on Make a Free Logo. You can choose which logo template you want to modify.

Second, customize your logo with different effects.

On the left bar of the canvas, you will find some essential options to edit your logo.

  • Icons you can add: – various icons can be added to help you design your logo.
  • Change the font: – There are hundreds of practical fonts, so you choose one or two to add.
  • Cosmetic shapes for the logo: – Many shapes increase the aesthetic of your logo.
  • Logo background colors: – All known colors can change the background of your logo with a click of a the button and in any color you want

At the bottom of the logo image, you will find a list containing some modifications, such as changing the image dimensions and others’ sizes.

Finally, save your logo for future editing or download to use.

Just clicking the Download button, you will be landed on the download page. You can either purchase a logo to preserve the font copyright and some other features or download your logo for free by clicking on “Download a low-resolution free logo.”

Three DesignEvo’s package to choose.

Download logo for free: – For the free version is free of charge, through which you can make a logo and download it to your computer in low-resolution.

  • The second plan: – BASIC, at a $24.99 value with limited premium features.
  • The highest plan: – The PLUS is for $49.99. This package will give you more features.
  • Note: – The free plan has a low-quality logo on it, so instead of buying higher plans and paying your money, the free package still has a strong attraction.

Logo design application for phone

Besides, it provides a free application site that you can download for iPhone and Android from the official store.

Using the phone application is effortless and does not need to be explained, unlike the site that we have thoroughly explained because it contains more elements. Hence, all you have to do is download an application and start creating an account, as this post said previously, and then choose the logo design that you want and start modifying it finally upon completion. Your design becomes a Full click on Save and Upload, and a logo in the form of an image will be stored on the phone, which you will find in Photo Studio.

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