How To Screen Record on Mac 2021?

Keeping a record of everything is essential. For example, when you take a class on your laptop and skip some good points, won’t it be helpful if a screen recording of the lecture is available.

Many transformers earthrise: the war for Cybertron lovers will love to know that they can screen record their game just like other gamers. Also, all the teachers, students, office workers, and others who are constantly on their Macs will love this article.

It will help you with how to screen record on mac and make your work easier as you will not have to waste more time on the internet to screen for better research.

Let’s start!

How to Screen Record on Macbook Air?

       i. Recording Your Screen-Method 1

Step 1

You have to start by pressing the buttons shift, command, and five together. It will make a screenshot control bar appear in front of you.

Step 2

At the control bar, you can now decide if you want to record the screen fully or partially. You will see a recording icon as a circle of recording on the logo.

Step 3

You can also look for more preferences on the options. You can choose the following ones as preferences:

  • Start the countdown timer
  • Select the microphone you want to use
  • Select the file on your mac, where you want to save your recording

Step 4

After you select your preferences, you can now click the button on your mac to start the recording. If you have set the timer, the recording will begin automatically as soon as the time on the timer stops.

If there is no timer, you can press anywhere on the screen to start the screen recording. Do you want to know how to stop the recording, follow the heading below: how to stop screen record on mac?

Step 5

To edit the screen recorded video, press on the saved file on the desktop. You will find an edit icon available on the top right side. Click the icon to edit your video.

You can also move the editing bar to the point where you want to edit your video. You can select your starting as well as the finishing points at the bottom part of the screen.

Step 6

If you think you have edited the video too much, you can always press the button that says revert at the top right side.

Step 7

Once you complete your editing, you can now press the done button to finalize the video. You can also save it to be to as a new file. You will also replace an existing file. You either of these options to save the screen recording.

    ii. Recording Your Screen-Method 2

You can also screen record by using QuickTime. If you have an older version of Mac, then using QuickTime will be the only option. Some of the steps you need to follow are as the following:

Step 1

The simple step to start with is opening the application of Quicktime. Press on the file option from the top menu available. Scroll down to the option of screen recording and click on it.

Step 2

After the screen recording window opens, you can follow all the steps above to screen record on your mac. You can see the options on the drop-down menu to select, such as the selection of a microphone.

Step 3

After you complete your screen recording on your mac, you can still edit it. The editing process is the same as above.

How to Screen Record on Mac with Voiceover?- How to Screen Record on Mac with Audio 2021?

It is good news for the ones who want to add voiceover to the video. Mac allows you to record separate audio and, then you can add it to your video. It is helpful for people who do not want to record the audio with the screen recording simultaneously.

Use the iMovie to record the audio on the mac. You should then move the play head according to your requirement and place the voice-over on the video where it is needed.

How to Screen Record on Mac Shortcut?

The shortcut to record the entire and portion of the screen is as under the following:

  • Start with opening Quicktime.
  • Look at the display on the top and press File.
  • Then just select the button that says New Screen Recording.
  • Press the Record button to start the recording.
  • It will help you record the full screen.
  • If you want to record a portion of the screen, then just drag the mouse to record that particular part.

These steps will help you record easily as these are the shortcuts to record a video on Mac.

How to Screen and Audio on the Sam Time on Mac?

  • Open the IOS screen recorder’s main window.
  • Add in the link of the audio-only airplay receiver.
  • All this adding of extra links happens due to advanced settings.
  • Now press the start button to start recording.
  • Make sure to turn on the microphone when you start recording.
  • It will enable the screen recording with the audio at the same time.
  • Press the start export option that will pop up when you stop the recording.

How to Stop Screen Record on Mac?

The simple and shortcut way to stop the screen recording is to press the buttons control, command, and ESC together.

Final Words: How to Screen Record on Mac 2021?

You can learn various things on the internet, such as how to unban a player or a guide to using rabbit streaming as well as how to screen record on mac.

You will all the details of screen recording on mac in this article. There are many ways and options to screen record on mac, such as you can also learn how to screen record on mac with internal audio.

Best of luck!

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