6 Best Known Music Types to Improve Performance and Reduce Stress

Music makes us see the world in a different color. Apart from its entertaining purposes, music also encourages our creativity and makes us more productive. Moreover, listening to music gives us relieving feelings of stress, thus helping us concentrate better. According to the best experts minds who offer Music Assignment Help, music can be therapeutic, relieve you from stress, and boost your concentration level.

There are specific types that can prove to be beneficial while you work. Certain types to improve your ability to process information. Figure out your type of music that syncs with your brain waves to give you some “eureka moments”.  

Keep reading the blog post to know what you should be listening to if you are struggling with productivity. Below, we will discuss six types of music that can give you a major boost in productivity. Lake View City Islamabad

1. Nature music

Listening to ambient musics, like a babbling brook or waves crashing against the rocks, or the sound of crickets in the dark, tends to enhance cognitive function and concentration. Researchers from Rensselaer polytechnic Institution discovered that natural sounds boost focus and moods.

With nature sounds playing in the background while working, employees as well as students tend to get more productive and have more positive feelings.

  • The sound of rain falling
  • Water fountain
  • Ocean waves and surf
  • Gentle waterfall
  • Bonfire at the beach
  • Soft water drops

2. Classical music

Many researchers have claimed that classical musics can help people efficiently perform tasks. The Mozart effect suggests listening to the classical company can improve brain activity and also act as a catalyst for improving well-being and health. Classical music can also improve one’s ability to manipulate shapes and solve spatial puzzles.

Classical musics known for being relaxing, calming, and helping to reduce stress tends to help students. As per professionals offering assignment assistance, this genre of music tends to help students perform better on their exams. Elections like Beethoven’s Fur Elise help students study longer and retain more information.

Here are some of the classical musicals that boost productivity:

  • Canon in D- Pachelbel
  • Academic festival- Brahms
  • The well-tempered Clavier–Bach
  • Piano Concerto No.23 – Mozart
  • Etudes – Debussy
  • A Beautiful Mind- James Horner
  • Moonlight Sonata (I) – Beethoven

3. Music between 50 and 80 beats per minute

For some people, it’s the tempo of the music that helps them stay focused. According to some researchers, music with 50 to 80 beats per minute can stimulate learning and creativity.

Dr. Emma Gray, a cognitive behavioral therapist, has worked with Spotify to understand the benefits of certain types of musics. She has discovered that listening to music in the 50 to 80 beat range tends to put brains into an alpha set. As per the scientist, in this state of mind, people usually involve activities like memory, imagination, and intuition that include “eureka moments”.

Here is a list of songs in that range.

  • The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars
  • Mirrors by Justin Timberlake
  • Chasing pavements by Adele
  • Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley

4. Cinematic

Intense cinematic music can make you feel you are doing something important or inspiring. Playing the soundtrack of a grandiose, epic soundtrack in the background will make even the most mundane tasks feel like you are contributing something to change the world, thus heightening productivity and concentration.

Cinematic tends to lift your spirits, empowering and brightening up your mood instantly. If you feel drained out or tired, listen to epic-style cinematic music that gives you an extra boost of motivation.

Here is some great cinematic music you must try:

  • Nightfall/Love theme
  • Chaos
  • Cut to the chase – Henry Jackman
  • Around the world in 80 day
  • Figured it out – Johny greenwood
  • Moon
  • Inception
  • The Bourne Identity
  • The Social Network
  • Amelie

5. Video game music

This may seem a bit strange, but music composed for video games can actually help you focus on your studies. Every element in a video game is created specifically to give your senses the ultimate gaming experience.

These kinds of music tend to be fast-paced by nature, making you keep moving forward. Usually, they don’t have a human voice or lyrics. Several video games involve solving puzzles and dealing with intense situations. They help you when you are handling a stressful challenge.

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Here are some great video game numbers for you:

  • Assassin’s creed 2
  • Halo
  • Final fantasy 7
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • Super meat boy
  • Fez
  • The elder scrolls v Skyrim
  • Battlefield one

6. Your favorite music

When you are working on a project you do not find exciting; it is best to put on music that you really enjoy. Several studies have found that working with putting on favorite track can improve your productivity and mood.

Summing Up:

The next time you end up with a mountain of paperwork. If you are struggling with productivity, music may be what you need to complete your task easily. It is known to help people perform better under high-pressure situations. Playing music in the background is considered by most employees nowadays to reduce their work pressure and improve their performance.

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