Muslim-women friendship. Yes, we can Travel with friends.

It is a popular belief that life is lived by men. For men everything becomes easier but for women, things are other way round. Especially if you are a Muslim woman you find finding a convenient path really challenging in every field of life. I think our masculine culture creates more trouble for us than the religion itself. The religion we all know teaches and preaches equality, respect, compassion and kindness in every matter. Whatever it forbids from is not Muslim/human friendly. It is obvious. Well the woman’s place in society and religion has always been a debatable topic. For further enlightenment, you can roam google or library to study about gender or other religious issues. I am gonna talk about the very neglected issue that is traveling.

                        Our Muslim families want us to remain stay at home sort of thing. I become literally exasperated when my brother gets up, picks up the keys and intimates “Hey Sis! I will be late! Tell mom dad!!! Bye.

            2 months ago, he hooked up with his buddies for an Istanbul jaunt. Parents were like “okay go! Have fun” So he set out for his exciting trip to Turkey. I asked mother why don’t you permit me to hang out with my girlies or (schoolies). She said don’t worry dear we will go together in a pack.

            However, we (my parents included) should think out of this box of undue female reservations. Having said this, here is whatever I have acquired,

Travelling is a Fundamental Right of Every Person

We mostly define travelling in terms of moving from place to place. Well for me it is much more than a mere movement of limbs. For me travelling is to peek into the hidden phenomena of nature. To stun your eyes with the man-made entities in the form of glorious buildings, mighty forts and citadels. These man-made wonders surely make you know that why Allah has made humankind as “the crown of creation”. Travelling is both a physical and mental journey towards awareness of the world around you. So it is the need of everyone whether you are male or female.

Why do Muslim Women can travel

As a Muslim woman tourist, I always pose a question in my mind why the difference between a Muslim male and female traveler is highlighted, when our interests are similar. And we are tourists at the end. I am neither an Islamic scholar nor do I confuse myself and you with the religious extremism. But through authentic facts, I would add up something valuable to demonstrate that Islam supports traveling for us women as well.

Islam encourages Education.

Education is an inevitable part of life. To educate means to aware and awareness comes through observation and exploration. So in traveling also we get awareness, we learn, we observe and explore.

Traveling encouraged through Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) Life

We as Muslims know enough about the exemplary lifestyle of Holy Prophet (S.A.W), their wives and followers.  Whenever I go through his life aspects I never see any restriction towards traveling. Even he (S.A.W) calls it as an essential way of getting knowledge. This also proves through many of his preserved narrations like “Seek knowledge even unto China”. Moreover, the divine journey of “Meraj” during which he ascended to the “Seven Heavens” also proves this fact. Furthermore, he (S.A.W) was a trader as well and traders had to travel a lot from place to place. Even the women there were relaxed. They were jobbers as well. Like his first wife Khadija was also a tradeswoman. So what is the objection in it?

Explore the universe an Iconic Quranic Direction

After our inevitable teachings of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), let us discuss Quranic teachings. The Quran is not mere a book it’s a life code. What is inscribed within it is more than obvious. It is not for Muslims but a gem for mankind. If I start praising it my words would fall short. If we read, we come across its iconic verses with a vivid direction to ponder on the universe and keenly observe Allah manifestations embedded in nature.

Safety of Women a Great concern in Islam

Islam doesn’t preclude women but ensures their safety in every best possible way. This element of safety is the parameter between the Muslim and Non-Muslim women. If a woman is secure she must do everything she wants keeping in view the safety of her life, repute, family and friends. Most scholars find Haj permissible even for solo woman if she travels through safe routes or in trustworthy company of her fellow women friends.

Suggestion for Safe Woman Journey

I would like to end my discussion with a useful suggestion that please travel but never compromise on your safety. Do travel but choose Halal Holidays to spend on Muslim-friendly visiting sites. Muslim tourism readily welcomes you to overwhelmingly enjoy the wonders of Islamic world to the full. There are countless women-friendly fun sites in Middle East and African Muslim world. Google them, decide and plan with fellow friends, choose your desired Muslim holiday country, pack bags and set out.

Good Luck

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