16 Benefits And Advantages of Playing Checkers (Draughts)

It’s no secret that I like playing Checkers. Checkers has been an integral aspect of my life since when I was a young child. My parents taught me how to play the game, and I can remember numerous nights of fighting the game with my brothers and trying to be what we referred to as “The Ultimate Checkers Champion”. However, there are some in my life who’ve not ever heard of Checkers or are wondering why I chose to make it an integral aspect of my life, and the lives of my kids. You are likely to find out.

If you’re anything like me, the advantages don’t even play an important role in our obsession with Checkers playing. What is it really all about in the end for myself? For me, it’s just about fun. I will admit that I’ve found the game to be quite addictive. But, if you’re in need of some motivation to begin playing Checkers or to teach your children the game, look over each of the 16 benefits listed below and explained below.

These are only a few of the benefits I believe to be the most beneficial in the lives of Checkers players. These are the benefits I have personally experienced in my own life and of my family members as well. Take a look:

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1. Checkers is a simple game to teach young children.

Children can begin to play Checkers at around 4 or 5 years old age. It is possible to start teaching the game from a young time, though you may be unable to master the game. I have found that the age of 4 is a good age to start as they’ve got a some practice in patience at this point. Some parents make use of Checkers as a way to get started toward teaching their children they can play Chess. This isn’t the preferred method of every parent, but definitely worth considering. Although Checkers as well as Chess are two different games, Checkers is a concept that is simpler to master yet still helps strategizing, confidence, and understanding the rules work.

2. Checkers is an enjoyable way to beat boredom.

If you’ve ever found that you are struggling for time to engage your children, then you recognize the importance in finding games that can entertain players for more than some minutes. This isn’t just for the kids , it’s also great to play Checkers with a friend during a quiet evening. Checkers is an enjoyable game to play and will bring plenty of fun and laughter during the course.

3. Playing checkers can help improve memory recall.

When you first get exposed to Checkers you’ll notice that there are several numberof potential actions (including opportunities). It may take some time to master and retain some of these moves but over some time improves. This ability can be beneficial in many aspects of your daily life.

4. Checkers shows how to make good judgment calls.

Decisions made on the spur of the moment don’t work when playing Checkers. Through trial and error players are taught that decisions made on the board can have consequences, and each move must be accompanied by thoughtful planning. The players who begin aggressively quickly learn to slow down and remain cautious. This is an excellent opportunity to master the ability to make good judgement decisions, something that is useful in different areas of life.

5. Checkers develops concentration skills.

Checkers is generally not an easy and quick game. The players must be focused and focus and, over time, improves their concentration. If you’d like to be successful it is important to be able to focus and concentrate.

6. Playing Checkers often teaches patience.

In light of the fact that a game like Checkers can last for hours, it’s important to players to possess some amount of patience. If you don’t have patience and aren’t able to settle in for a certain amount of time won’t be able enjoy the game and gain true worth from it.

7. Checkers promotes confident decision-making.

You wouldn’t think you’d master the art of decision-making when playing Checkers however, you can over the passage of time. Every move players make on the board can have an impact. This means that each move should be thought through and the possible outcomes and impacts taken into consideration. As they continue to play, players develop confidence in their decisions and also to be able to trust the choices they make.

8. The game of Checkers keeps your brain healthy.

Maintaining your brain’s health and in good shape is as vital as keeping physically and emotionally healthy. As we get older and become more frail, it is essential to keep our brains in shape and continuously working to ensure they are active, alert and healthy. Being mentally fit can help prevent some age-related diseases like forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s disease.

9. Playing Checkers is a great bonding and quality time experience.

Bonding or spending quality time with friends and family isn’t always simple if there aren’t any planned activities. Checkers is a great game to play. Checkers is a fantastic opportunity to bond with your friends and have lots of fun while doing it. Checkers is a favorite in our house every week for “Family Board Game Night”.


10. Checkers improves problem-solving abilities.

You may be wondering what issues need to be resolved in Checkers. Checkers is an entire problem that needs to be solved! It is an exercise that requires reasoning. As players gain experience during the course of play, they need to be able to solve issues in order to be successful. The players must be able anticipate the opponent’s next move and also identify possible moves at each stage of the game. Thinking logically to resolve these issues will ensure that you be successful.

11. Everyone is able to participate in Checkers (it can be played by anyone) and is an inclusive game). ).

Checkers is a sport that is, in some ways, completely no physical skills. It means that everyone is able to play and nobody should feel excluded. Anyone who is able to play, kids of all ages can play, older players can also participate, as well as those who are handicapped can participate. Because of this, Checkers is an excellent game for kids to learn because everyone is able to participate.

12. Checkers keep the brain active.

As the brain gets older (along as our body) it is essential to keep your brain active and thinking consistently. In an assisted or retirement home living facilities, there is little to do, and there is a chance of the brain ageing faster than what is expected. Seniors are thus encouraged to keep their brain active through crosswords or solving puzzles. Checkers has proved to be a popular option for people who want to keep their brains active while enjoying socializing and having fun. Read Best 4k Monitor For Gaming

13. Playing Checkers helps reduce stress and decreases blood pressure.

Participating in any kind or game Checkers for instance, are an ideal way to assist one let go of their anxieties and let their body physically unwind. Relaxation in the body means blood pressure is reduced and stress levels are reduced. Since Checkers offers a way to enjoy pleasure, endorphins are released, which are great to reduce stress, leaving participants feeling good.

14. Checkers is a great treatment for those with disabilities.

Patients recovering from injuries or accidents or people with physical disabilities require to perform physical activities that involve the use of their fine motor skills to help them heal and recover. Through regular play of Checkers disabled players can develop these fundamental abilities that go a long way in enhancing dexterity as well as coordination.

15. Checkers help with pre-mathematics.

Checkers isn’t a game that requires math skills however it is an excellent maths practice for kids. Children who are taught Checkers from a young age will benefit greatly from the mathematical skills the game imparts. Learning Checkers primes a child to learn mathematics. This is accomplished in teaching abilities:

  • Sorting units or objects by color.
  • Logical thinking.
  • Reasoning.
  • Direction (back to across, forward).

16. Teaches effective strategizing skills.

Although Checkers is a rational game it is imperative that players are careful about their choices. Every move could have an effect on the opponent as well as the person making the move. Due to this, players who frequently play Checkers acquire strategies which can be applied in a variety of areas.

Last Word

The game of Checkers is not going to magically alter your life However, it will provide some value. If you play the game on a regular basis the advantages are well-known. People who are only getting to know about it or have been started playing the game are in for an array of advantages to look forward to.

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