How to draw a butterfly – Step By Step

How to draw a butterfly? Learn to draw a butterfly in this stage, which draws the tutorial for children, adolescents, and adults. This butterfly drawing tutorial with easy steps has been at the same time with my way of painting a tutorial step by step butterfly. You can even pull a butterfly in this abstract butterfly painting.

Another idea is a dye with pencils, markers, watercolors. You can draw creatively, and both are the drawing and coloring of their butterfly with different colors and patterns!

How to draw a butterfly – Summary

Here is a step-by-step preview summary of how to draw a butterfly.

How to draw an easy butterfly steps

draw a butterfly

The most difficult part of the drawing of a butterfly gets its symmetrical watch on both sides. To make it easier to the symmetry of the wing, we control the two wings. It is so much lighter, so easier. Let’s come and shoot a nice butterfly!

Step 1

Draw the head or try and the belly of the butterfly. This trick has centered on the butterfly in the middle of your paper. The body consists of the head (circle), a middle trunk (oval), and the belly (oval elongate), 2 eyes (half-circuits on both sides of the head), and 2 antennas.

In the meantime: some butterfly antennas are straight, and others are curved according to the butterfly species.

Step 2

Trace 2 curved lines from the top of the body (on both sides). Try to make these lines in length and bow.

Step 3

Pull 2 ​​straight lines from the middle of the body (on both sides). Make straight lines long.

Step 4

Pull two curved lines from the lower body (on both sides). Make lines at the same length and curvature.

Step 5

Draw a corrugated line to connect the upper part of the wing into the middle line (horizontal). To do this, on both sides of the wing.

Step 6

Trace 2 diagonal lines of the end of the median line. Make sure the same length.

Step 7

Draw 2 half-circuits associated with diagonal lines of the last step and lower arc lines. Their total butterfly form is now done. Bring a step back and create certain both flanks are about the same. Take advantage of this opportunity to fix all stop areas.

Tip: It also allows the image to turn on the head and take a look. The reversal gives your eyes a new perspective, and you can see much easier if your symmetrical butterfly appearance.

Step 8

Draw 4 heartbreaking forms in each wing. Prospects for the future: brands and colors on one of the butterfly wings are different by art colors and patterns. Help the butterfly to camouflage, protect, buddy, and more protection. If you want a small motivation for Your butterfly art, check this site with photos of species.

Step 9

7 Draw straight lines in each wing square (from the stirring direction of the outer edge).

Step 10

Trace a bubble as an edge around the outer edge of the wings.

Step 11

The use of your pencil fills the stretched area between the bladder edge and the outer wing.

Step 12.

Add half-circuits and “D” shapes for the 3 upper sections on the top of the wings. We will implement you in the next step.

Step 13.

Fill in the templates you have drawn in the previous step (with a pencil). Also, pull small circles on the upper edges of the wings.

Step 14.

Thicken all the lines between the sections of the two wings.

Step 15.

Fill the body, and you’re done!

Butterfly drawing.

In this fast tutorial, you will learn to draw a butterfly in simple steps – ideal for children and novice artists. The above images represent how their finished drawing will look and the assigned steps. At the bottom, you can read interesting facts about the butterfly. Also, make sure to see one of the hundreds of category grouped drawing tutorials. Scooty Price in Pakistan

Step 1: First, pull the body. There are two long segments of oval shape. The upper segment is shorter than the lower segment.

Step 2: Now, draw the left wings. The upper part of the wing is triangular. It is attached to the upper segment. The lower part of the wing is square and depends on the lower segment.

Step 3: Some same wings draw on the right side.

Step 4: Here add shaped patterns to the top of the left-wing.

Step 5: But Add more with smaller oval shape patterns and circular patterns on the top of the left-wing.

Step 6: And Draw oval-shaped patterns on the lower part of the wing. These lines begin in the upper corner of the lower wing.

Step 7: Add further with smaller circular shape patterns on the lower outdoor part of the wing.

Step 8: Draw the oval-shaped patterns on the top of the right-wing. Try to make these patterns reflect the patterns you call on the left wing.

Step 9: Add farther with smaller circular patterns on the upper outer part of the right-wing.

Step 10: Draw oval-shaped patterns on the bottom of the right-wing. Do your best to reflect the exact reflection on the left-wing.

Step 11: Continue with smaller circular patterns on the lower outdoor part of the right-wing.

Step 12: Finally, pull two curved lines to produce the antennas of the upper body segment.

Interesting facts about butterflies

Each butterfly style is unique. Like snowflakes, no two butterflies have the same model on their wings. Butterflies cross a process called metamorphosis. They are born like creeping caterpillars and a flow of floating butterflies.

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